Japanese For Sake Lovers

A guide to proper pronunciation

Here it is: something that ensures you will enjoy your sake experience more and more – a short, concise instructional guide on how to properly and naturally pronounce the Japanese language, sake brand names, and all the terminology that is a part of the sake world. With the help of this little course, you will sound like a native when talking about sake.

Koji - the heart of sake!

No more butchering sake names in Japanese!
Learn how to properly pronounce the sake you love!


Japanese for Sake Lovers consists of a short text and three audio files. It all begins with guide to the theory of pronouncing Japanese, which you will soon realize is surprisingly simple. Following that you have the opportunity to practice pronunciation of all the important terminology surrounding sake, and dozens of brand names that cement in your mind the principles, fundamentals, and idiosyncrasies of pronouncing Japanese. You’ll sound like a native in no time.

Making that koji...

Do you work with sake but not speak the lingo? Are you a passionate consumer that wants to feel even closer to the subject? Planning a trip to Japan? Then this is for you.


This is not a language text. You will not learn grammar or much vocabulary outside of sake-specific terms, although it does include a handful of phrases to help you navigate your way to sake bliss in Japanese when at a sake pub, augmented by three audio files that allow you to practice, repeating the words and phrases after a native speaker.

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What you will learn is how to get the sake you want, when you want it, and ensure that you sound like you know what you are talking about while doing it. Guaranteed.

Laying bags in the pressing machine, or "fune"

A little language study goes a long way, especially for Japanese. Learn the basics of pronunciation and feel even more comfortable with the beverage you love.


Click here to get your copy of Japanese for Sake Lovers now, at the special price of $14.99

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Should Japanese for Sake Lovers not significantly improve your ability to pronounce all sake-related terms and words, your money will be cheerfully refunded, no questions asked!

So click here now to purchase and download the pdf text and audio files and start improving your Japanese pronunciation now. You’ve nothing to lose, and smooth, natural-sounding pronunciation to gain!


NOTE: there is no physical text. Japanese for Sake Lovers is a download-able software product only

A guide to proper pronunciation