Japan Time

Archives – Japan Times Articles. From the fall of 1994 until the fall of 2002, I wrote a twice-monthly column in the Japan Times, Japan’s largest English-language newpaper. Over 200 articles covered all sake-related topics, from techinical brewing, to culture and history, to recommending and reviewing sake pubs in Japan, with a sake recommended and reviewed in each column. Many of these articles are archived below.

Japan Times Articles - 2002 Archive

2002/01/06 Uncorking the bubbly, Nihon-style
2002/01/20 A heavenly match made in Tsukishima
2002/02/03 Sake’s never been better – why the poor business?
2002/02/04 The long journey from rice to ambrosia
2002/02/05 Clearly making the grade isn’t such an easy task
2002/02/17 Great sake only a hop, skip and a jump away
2002/03/03 With foam, brewers call it like they see it
2002/03/17 Favorites that come widely recommended
2002/03/31 Sake with a raw bite
2002/04/14 Where sake runs wild, unfiltered and free
2002/04/28 When Nada sake ruled the realm
2002/05/12 Brewing it naturally isn’t so easy
2002/05/26 Romancing the sake rice
2002/06/09 A Taste of Pure Gold
2002/06/23 Stand me for a cup of sake?
2002/07/07 As benchmarks rise, honjozo takes a hit
2002/07/21 Right down to the nitty-gritty grains
2002/08/04 The sweet, soft option
2002/08/18 Drinking without thinking
2002/09/01 How much do you really need to know?
2002/09/15 Sake-shopping picks that really hit the spot
2002/09/29 How to gain flavors and influence yeasts
2002/10/13 You think it’s pure – but is it really?
2002/10/27 Before I go – a few of my favorite things

Japan Times Articles - 2001 Archive

2001/01/11 Warmth of Tsukushinoko hits close to home
2001/01/25 Best time of year to savor the joys of heated sake
2001/02/08 Religion and health in the etymology of sake
2001/02/22 Heart and soul of sake in the breweries of Nara
2001/03/08 Life after sake’s zing has gone
2001/03/22 What’s in a number
2001/04/01 Just how much will a field yield
2001/04/15 Let’s raise a glass to the final batch
2001/04/29 How Tiger got his game back in five easy sips
2001/05/13 Reading, writing and fermenting
2001/05/27 Worth jumping off the train for
2001/06/10 Sake gold standards shifting
2001/06/24 Juttoku covers all the bases
2001/07/08 When your number’s up
2001/07/22 Gifts from the god of sake
2001/08/05 The perfect shape for sake
2001/08/19 The little brewery that wouldn’t die
2001/09/02 Standing out in the crowd: the joys of tachinomiya
2001/09/16 Technology improves the old grinding stone
2001/09/30 Kame no O dreamin
2001/10/14 Nagano gives Niigata some stiff competition
2001/10/28 Despite tech advances, mature sake worth the wait
2001/11/11 How mold grew to be so unique
2001/11/25 Hey, that’s a sake of a different color
2001/12/09 It used be the case for all kinds of sake
2001/12/23 An o-tososan a year keeps the doc away

Japan Times Articles - 2000 Archive

2000/01/27 Polishing off more perfection
2000/02/10 Back streets in not-so-far towns
2000/02/24 The go-mi system of sake tasting
2000/03/09 Ryohana: brilliantly competent, and proud of it
2000/03/23 The magic of dancing spores
2000/04/13 Fish, sake and crowds come together at Uoshin
2000/04/27 Nigorizake puts the fun back in sake drinking
2000/05/11 Recalling the toil of winter in the rites of spring
2000/05/25 Strong traditions flow through Iwate sake
2000/06/08 A taste of brewers’ best
2000/07/13 Compulsories of sake keeps brewers in top form
2000/07/27 For new sake sensations, seek out the brat pack
2000/08/10 When you least expect distinction in Shimbashi
2000/08/24 Where new discoveries and old favorites await
2000/09/14 Hatsu-nomikiri still a summer ritual for brewers
2000/09/28 Keeping it plain and simple for serious sippers
2000/10/12 A long, reflective sip of sake’s craft and science
2000/10/27 Tis fall, and the brewers gather around their vats
2000/11/09 More the merrier at Shinjuku’s Zonbun
2000/11/23 The man who never forgets a sake
2000/12/14 As the mercury drops, new sake rises to the top
2000/12/28 May you all live long and prosper – kanpai

Japan Times Articles - 1999 Archive

1999/02/25 Warm sake toast of the town for winter
1999/03/25 Shibuya’s best-kept secret
1999/04/08 Soaking up atmosphere enhances sake experience
1999/07/08 Oasis of serenity found in rowdiest Roppongi
1999/07/22 Ishikawa sake guaranteed to give you summer chills
1999/08/12 Nihonshu’s sweet spectrum
1999/09/09 Sipping sake’s diversity, one cup at a time
1999/09/23 Osaka – a brewing culture to be proud of
1999/10/14 Yeast developments spark new possibilities
1999/11/11 A toast to the brewers, and all your hard work
1999/12/09 Plenty to imbibe on the Internet
1999/12/23 Sake tools you can trust