John Gauntner
becomes the first and only  non-Japanese to become certified  as both a
Sake Expert Assessor,
as bestowed by the  National Research Institute of Brewing,
and as a
Master of SakeTasting
as bestowed by  Nihon Jouzou Kyoukai, the “Brewing Society of Japan.”

John Gauntner

About these certifications
Sake Expert Assessor certificate presented to John Gauntner

On July 29 and 30, 2010, I successfully passed the remaining two sections of the very rigorous tasting exam given by the National Research Institute of Brewing. This is the only government-related sake certification in existence. I  became only the second  non-Japanese person – and only one of 38 people – to be certified as a Sake Expert Assessor.



Master of Sake Tasting Certificate presented to John Gauntner
This  follows my certification as the only non-Japanese   Master of Sake Tasting, bestowed by the Brewing    Society of Japan (Nihon Jouzou Kyoukai), which I  accomplished in June of 2010.




I am the only non-Japanese person to have accomplished the combination of  these two certifications.

Amidst my gratitude at having passed, I only ask that I be able to use this in such a way as to further the understanding and enjoyment – not to mention the consumption – of sake everywhere around the world.



John Gauntner


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