Sake Professional Course

The Sake Professional course is held several times each year in Japan and the US,

with other locations pending. Information on confirmed upcoming courses is below.

See who else is a CSP (Certified Sake Specialist)!





Sake Professional Course

in Las Vegas, December 4 – 6 , 2017

The next course is scheduled for December 4, 5 and 6 in Las Vegas. If you are interested in being informed about this, please send me
an email to that purport. You can learn more here and download the same information about this course here.

The course is recognized by the Sake Education Counciland those that complete it will be qualified to take the  Certified Sake Specialist exam, which will be offered on the evening of the last day of the course. Learn more about the day to day syllabus and content here.


Sake Professional Course

in Japan, January 15 – 19,  2018

This course will be held from the morning of Monday, January 15 to the evening of Friday, January 19, 2018, and will be focused in Tokyo, but with a two- day trip to the Osaka – Kyoto  –  Kobe  area  to  visit four sake breweries of various scale. Geared toward professionals, but open to anyone with an interest in sake, this course will begin with the basics, and will  provide the environment for a focused,  intense,  and  concerted  training  period.

The course is recognized by the not-for-profit organization The Sake Education Council, and those that complete it will be qualified to take the exam for Certified Sake Specialist, which will be offered near the end of the week.

The Tokyo classroom venue is the Japan Sake and Shochu Producers Association in the Shinbashi area. Download a PDF about the course here. More about the daily schedule can be found here.


Advanced Sake Professional Course

in Japan,  February 20 – 24, 2018

Applicants are required to have passed the Certified Sake Professional (CSP)
before applying for the Advanced Sake Professional (CSP) certification.

 Please send an email to John ( about availability.
Looking forward to meeting all the enthusiastic CSPs again in Japan.

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