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www.esake.comJohn Gauntner is a founding member of, an online web service devoted to bringing premium Japanese sake to the USA market and elsewhere. Premium Japanese sake is now being sold in 45 states in the USA.

Sake in Europe

Foodex in France sells great sake online!  Check it out:

Koji Spores for Home Brewing
Also, koji spores (as opposed to completed koji) are also available from Vision Brewing in Australia. According to proprietor Brendan Tibbs, the product is available online for
anyone, and is particularly suitable to the home brewer. Contact him at Vision Brewing (see above link).

Sake Breweries in Japan
Sake Home Page of Izumibashi Co. Ltd. Izumibashi is a Sake  brewery in   Japan founded in 1857. Information includes how to drink sake, kinds of sake, and sake brewing methods.
Harasho brewery is located in the City of Nagaoka in Niigata Prefecture. Site includes
general history and information about brewery.
Sake Home Page featuring Tamanohikari Sake.

 Sake Breweries in the USA
Hakusan Sake Brewery located in Napa Valley California.
SakeOne has premium sake breweries in Momoishi (located in Aomori  prefecture in
northern Japan) and Forest Grove, Oregon. This site offers online USA sales of premium sake.

 Other Food and Sake-Related Sites

(Food, Culture, Business, Societies, even some Wine)
Chado Tea House – premium grade Japanese green
teas online Modern Asian cooking and delicious recipes by food writer and
television chef, Jaden Hair. Her site has a special section devoted entirely to Japanese sake and food. By Chizuko Niikawa-Helton. A wealth of information
on Japanese sake, sake events, and restaurants serving sake. Chizuko originally hails
from Aikita Prefecture. She is involved with promoting sake around the world and
runs her own sake consulting business.
Learn all about the sake of Saijo in Hiroshima Prefecture, one of the most important brewing regions in the country.

Brew it at home! Or at least give it a shot. This site, and this guy, Bob Taylor, show you how with recipes and instructions. Great site!
e-Yakimono.netOne-of-a-kind web resource covering Japanese ceramic scene
, including guinomi and tokkuri sake vessels. Run by pottery expert Robert Yellin, this site boasts hundreds of articles, thousands of photos, and anonline eStore for purchasing fine
Japanese ceramics.
All you need to know about weizenbier from beer expert, linguist, martial artist and all-around fascinating guy Ben Jones.
Bishu Honpo is a varied and excellent source of information about sake in both Japanese and English, with updates daily. Very much worth checking out.
This new site is a great reference resource to people interested  in Japanese foods,
beverages and related products. It also provides listings of  Japanese restaurants in various states.
This site is packed with information on dining in Tokyo and other excellent links to Japanese food and drink resources on the web.
This website features information on the Bay Area’s Sushi Ran restaurant. The restaurant serves a wide variety of chilled premium sake.
Wasabi Pacific is the largest grower of fresh wasabi in North America. Fresh wasabi is shipped daily direct from the growers  in Oregon. Learn about fresh wasabi, order online,
try recipes, and learn the difference  between powdered and tubed wasabi and the real thing.
The Japan Society is New York’s leading cultural and intellectual resource on Japan.
Information and history of sake brewing in Japan’s Akita Prefecture.
An introduction to sake and how to brew it. Includes a glossary of terms,  short history of sake making, homebrewing information, and some recipes.
Information on brewing sake at home by Mitsuo Hoshida.
Sake Dictionary. There are only two ways to discover a truly great sake. One way is to drink every sake you can find. The other is to accumulate  knowledge. Here we present
the  techniques used in the preparation of  sake, the history of sake, terminology such as “sakabayashi” that we’d  like you to know, and some interesting stories about sake in
Top 25 Sake Brands of Isaka Yasuhiro, President of Isaka Shoten.
How to make sake by Fred Ekhardt.
A Japanese restaurant in New York with information on sake and links to other sites.
Here, wine fanciers can find tasting notes and information about boutique wineries  worldwide.
Provides a mega-index to English and Japanese sake sites on the web.
Information about sake rice, brewing techniques, food, and  sake in general.
Although this site has nothing to do with sake, it is home to Baird Beer, a wonderful maker of speciality beer based in Numazu, Japan. Online eStore sells five regular Baird beers. It doesn’t get
any better than this.
Japanese translators UK London England
Japanese Lifestyle. Japanese culture  including kimono, fashion, food, restaurants,
recipes, Japan pictures  and travel. is a thorough resource for all kinds of Asian food
products, including candy, tea, noodles, drinks, snacks, and lots more.  We
also have recipe books and a lot of other items in tune with broadening the
reach of the cultural appeal of Asian foods, including – you guessed it – sake
glasses, sake flavored food, and more.
Importers of a line of 12 brewers’ super premium sake into the US, and a range of wonderful Argentine wine to boot.
America’s first sake-only store opened in San Francisco in 2003. True Sake carries more than 90 unique sake from various Japanese prefectures. In San Francisco.
The second sake-only retailer in the US, and you can drink it here too! In Seattle.

Sushi and Japanese

Online store selling authentic Japanese dinnerware, cookware and gourmet ingredients. Also offers sushi kits and sushi equipment.

Discover cool and traditional Tokyo spots that you can’t find in travel guidebooks! We are a social networking word-of-mouth review web site aimed at foreign residents and
visitors to Tokyo as well as Japanese who are interested in foreign culture/people.

Fermentation: A Closer Look at How Wine, Beer and Other Alcohols are Made Everything you need or want to know about sushi, for beginners through experts!.



My web consultant, Mark Schumacher, is involved as web master for various Japan-related sites, which are presented below.

OnmarkProductions is also home to the popular A-to-Z Photo Dictionary of Japanese Buddhist Sculpture, and the creator of,
the latter selling quality hand-carved wooden statues of Buddhist deities.

Visit selling handcarved wood Buddha Statues

Visit the A-to-Z Photo Dictionary of Japanese Buddhist Deities


Hotels in Japan. Going to Japan to visit sake breweries?
Need a hotel in the Tokyo area?
Try this great site:

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