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Our online store allows sake enthusiasts to purchase educational sake products online and receive immediate download of the digital files. Our service utilizes Paypal for online payment (you don’t need to join Paypal to purchase safely & securely), and PayLoadz for easy and safe file downloading capabilities. For books, however, all orders are processed via Amazon, and Amazon’s delivery terms apply.

Digital content

After purchasing digital content from us, you will receive two emails: (1) One from Paypal confirming your payment and (2) One from PayLoadz, with instructions on how to download your product.

Our guarantee

If after purchasing and perusing the material, if you do not feel it has enhanced your sake appreciation, destroy the downloaded version (in good faith) and notify us within 14 days. We will be happy to refund your money.

Our gift to you

As a bonus, all customers receive FREE access to “The Goodstuff” directory — a password-protected web library providing regular updates and commentary from John on sake brands, personal recommendations, brewers, and a host of other good stuff including video presentations!


Security, privacy, exchange rates and guarantee

Security & privacy

All online orders are encrypted and processed on Paypal’s secure server. You don’t need a PayPal account to purchase from our store. We accept all major credit cards. We refuse to share your private data with third parties.

Exchange rates, paying for your order

All orders are processed in $US dollars. If you pay with a credit card using a different currency, your payment will be converted automatically into US dollars at the prevailing daily rate used by Paypal. When you view your credit card statement, the purchase will be listed as PAYPAL (ZOWIE).


For digital content, delivery occurs immediately following the placement of your order. However, for physical items, like books from Amazon, delivery is typically within two or four weeks.


The unauthorized reproduction of Sake-World products is unlawful and inappropriate. Suggest to your friends to buy their own!

Do you provide printed hardcopy or CD or DVD versions of the material?

In truth, we have determined it will be faster, cheaper, and easier for customers to either print their own, as most home printers do a superior job, or have Kinko’s, Office Max, or another hyper efficient company print material for you than it would be for us to print and ship to you. Also, since any modern computer can easily burn CD and DVD material, this too would be easier, cheaper and faster for customers. As such, we do not currently offer these physically imposing options.

Where is the “goodstuff” page? Where are my user name & password?

The user name and password are sent to customers upon purchasing any of our products. They are also listed on the last page of The Sake Handbook, and in the instructions.text file included with the The Sake Production Slideshow.


Instructions for digital content

Sake Production Slideshow

  1. Download file from web
    1. In the email you received, double-click the DOWNLOAD link.
    2. Web page will open in your browser. Double-click link entitled Download
    3. Small Browser window appears. Click “SAVE TO DISK” button.
    4. Save the Zip file into any directory you like on your local hard disk.
  2. Extract file to your hard disk
    1. Go to directory where you saved zip file in Step #4.
    2. Double-click file named
    3. Extract all zipped files using Winzip or other common compression software. Extract into same directory as Step #4.
    4. Go to same directory on your hard disk (Step #4).
    5. Double-click into the “Sake Production” directory.
    6. Find file named “PhotoJamPlayer.exe” and double-click to launch slideshow.
  3. Turn up your speakers, sit back and enjoy.

The Sake Notebook

This file comes in Adobe PDF format. You will need the FREE Adobe Reader software to view the file. If you don’t have Adobe Reader, click here to download and then install.

Still got problems or questions?

Click here to contact John Gauntner.

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